Everything You Need to Know About the Best Label Printers

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Are you looking for a label printer?

Not sure which label printer to to buy?

Or are you wondering how a label printer is different from a traditional printer?

Read on and we will answer your questions.

What is a label printer?

Unlike a traditional printer, a label printer is a designed to produce labels for uses such as organisation, shipping etc. The label printers are specialised for printing on adhesive-backed materials, making it easy to stick the labels onto different surfaces such as jars or parcels. These label printers normally use thermal printing technology which eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges or ink toners, making it a cheaper alternative.

Label printers are commonly used in homes as well as in businesses to label files, storage containers, personal items, and products. They are used for their ability to create professional and customisable labels quickly and efficiently.

Make ID Label Printer

Ideal for organisation, labelling files, containers, jars etc.
Create custom labels anytime, anywhere with the lightweight MakeID label maker! This portable device connects via Bluetooth to your phone using a free app. Enjoy sharp, waterproof, and fade-resistant prints with thermal printing technology. Easily cut perfect labels with the built-in cutter. Available in various colors and resolutions, it includes a starter tape. Perfect for labelling items, jars, etc this label maker ensures your labels look professional and last long.

Ideal for organising and labelling items
nelko label maker

Nelko Label Maker

Ideal for organisation, labelling files, containers, jars etc.
NELKO label maker is a lightweight, compact device perfect for on-the-go labeling. It offers high-definition prints without ink or toner and features a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Easy to use, it connects via Bluetooth to iOS and Android . The “Nelko” app provides over 90 fonts and 450+ materials for creative label designs.
Ideal for organizing home, office, and school items like clothes, food storage, and office supplies, it ensures everything is neatly labeled.

Ideal for organising and labelling items

Kitty Label Printer

Ideal for printing simple postage labels
The mini portable rechargeable printer is a compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere. It connects to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to print just 10 seconds. This label printer can also print black and white images, text, to-do lists, banners, post-it notes, and more. Also perfect for study and office use. Comes with five additional printer paper rolls.

Can Print Simple Postage Labels (Name & Address)
portable mini printer

Mini Portable Printer

Ideal for students and can print simple postage & returns labels
This rechargeable and portable mini printer offers easy black-and-white printing on the go. Connect it to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth using the app and start printing in seconds. The app provides powerful functions, allowing you print text, pictures, emojis, and QR codes . Ideal for printing photos, memos, postage labels and lists. No ink or toner needed.

Ideal for students & can print simple postage labels

What is a thermal label printer?

A thermal label printer is a useful device that creates labels using heat instead of ink. There are two types: one uses special heat-sensitive paper for quick, short-term labels like shipping labels, while the other uses a ribbon for longer lasting labels. Easy to use and efficient, thermal label printers make labeling fast and reliable.

How much is a label printer?

The price of a label printer varies depending on its make, model and features. Basic label printers which can only print small labels and prices start form £10, while mid range label printer can cost anywhere between £50-200, high end and industrial level label printers cost over £500 to thousands of pounds.

What is the best shipping label printer

Choosing a best label printer normally depends on the needs of an individual. If you are looking for a good label printer which can also connect with your phone, the we recommend this label printer.

How to print vinted label without printer?

If you need to print a Vinted label but don’t have a printer, here are a few alternative options:

Royal Mail: You can buy a postage label at a local post office, make sure to write the buyer name and address on the parcel. You can hand write the name and address of the buyer on a piece of paper and tape it securely to the parcel using some sellotape. Then, take the parcel to a local post office, where they will weigh it and attach the appropriate postage stamp or label. This will ensure your package is correctly labeled and ready for shipment. If you are a regular vinted or ebay seller it is worth buying a thermal shipping label printer.

Local Library: If you do not have a printer at home, you can print a vinted shipping label at a local library. Many libraries offer printing services for a small fee. You can access their computers, log in to your Vinted account, and print the label.

Friends or Family: You can ask a friend or family member with a printer if they can help you print the label. If you are a regular vinted or ebay seller it is worth buying a thermal shipping label printer.

Find here the best label printer printing Royal Mail labels.

Print Shops: If you have a print shop in your area, you can visit one that offers label printing services. You may be able to email them the label or take it on a USB drive.

Choose the option that is most convenient for you based on your location and urgency.

How to print inpost label without printer?

If your inpost parcel is heading to a locker or a shop then you don’t have to print a shipping label. You can simply select a digital label, which is a QR code which you have to scan at the locker. Then you can leave the parcel inside the locker and inpost will label it for you.

If your parcel is heading to someone’s home address then you will need a printed label. You can print a inpost label without a printer at your local library or a print shop. If you are a regular vinted /ebay seller or need to print labels regularly then it is worth buying a thermal shipping label printer.

How to print a return label without a printer?

Depending on the return label company, you may be able to print a return label without a printer at a local shop. For example, certain courier companies allow staff at collection points to produce a shipping label by scanning a QR code or barcode on your phone.

How to print amazon return label without printer?

Depending on the which company the amazon seller is using for returns, you may be able to print a return label without a printer at a local shop. Certain courier companies allow staff at collection points to produce a shipping label by scanning a QR code or barcode on your phone.

Alternatively, you can speak to the seller and if they agree you can return the item via Post Office. The staff at post office will print the label for you. Remember to hand write the return address on the parcel before handing the parcel to Post Office staff as the label normally only indicated type of postage paid and may not have full address.

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